It’s not a competition to be world’s best daddy, dad… or father, it’s for the children you selfish selfish man.

World’s Best Daddy, not to be confused with World’s Best Father (which sounds quite impish if you say it out loud) occassionally allows his daughter to gain valuable nutrients through washable pen…. and hang out in creepy lighting to build character.

Today on squidslist they profiled a nice little art project about some guy in DC with a photo montage, titled World’s Best Father – capturing lurid photos of himself lounging about while his child is subject to non-age-appropriate things like babysitting and coffee-making – she’s only 3! Rest assured the cease and desist letter has already been drafted and it has quite a few exclamation points!!!!  But this isn’t about who is or definitely is not the worlds best male parent, it’s about bringing awareness to the craft of fathering.

And where did he get this title anyway? Father makes it sound like we are in the 1950’s or England or something, Here in America we demand our children refer to us as Daddy. If I had to speculate, I’d say his wasn’t even a real title that was earned, like mine, which I received after extensive training and certification at the Universal Life Church (where coincidentally, you can use my coupon code, WorldsBestDaddy.ORG, to get 25% your theological ordainment and be marrying people or animals with just 3 clicks and your credit card number).

Unlike this profiteer, World’s Best Daddy is an O-R-G, meaning it’s here as both a repository or receptacle for Daddy’s to “get their learn on” and I can GUARANTEE you there is a 0% chance I ever make a dime off it. I find the greatest reward is simple do-gooder-ness. I’m not one to start a beef with some guy out there just because it will hopefully drive some traffic to my blog, I just want to make sure that everyone knows that there’s an alternative and that I am in fact the title holder.

I'm desperately seeking advice and validation. Comment Please!

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