Whoops I did it again….

I feel like I may be recycling this title. Dejavu and short term memory loss are like…. and what not. Oh well, I can’t remember much these days anyway. Fina is due on 8/17, so the new baby will arrive any day now. We are “going blind” on the gender and don’t have any names really picked out. I recall something about needing one of those for the birth certificate they have you sign right after the baby comes. Winging it and running on fumes BEFORE a baby arrives is probably not the way to approach it, but it’s the only way I know how.

Fina is an inspiration and is still doing crazy stuff like SUP-boarding at 9 mos pregnant


That’s how scared I am on a scale of 1 to 10. I suspect this is mostly because I’m bad at forecasting things and self-reflection. I feel like I should be more scared, based on the way all of my Dad friends ask me how I’m preparing for the impending 3rd child. The common refrain is, “dude?!… followed by a stuttered, “Uh, uh, are you… r-r-ready for this?”

With previous kids I’ve sired, it was more like 7 or 8 or 12.


That’s how desperate out of 10 AT wants this next one to be a girl. I’m oscillating between wanting a boy that I can name James, feeling terrible about wanting that, realizing I really don’t want that, and really wanting another girl, because I know that’s what AT & F really want. Healthy/happy/blah blah, but it would be nice to diversify a bit less into more of the XX chromosome thang.

They love each other

Having had a daughter and then a son, I realize that the future is female and that men are just too destructive. Nu is not like a bull in a china shop, because a bull is confused about what it’s doing. Nuka gets a special glimmer in his eye when he sees something that he can destroy.

Maybe it is the way that TVs are made these days (take me back to the good old days when a TV was something you could stub your toe-on, and GET OFF MY LAWN!!?!), but every single one of my friends who has a boy has had said boy destroy at least 1 TV. Our neighbor friends across the street are #blessed with two 4 year-old twin boys and they have each destroyed 2 TVs and one has pushed the other through a plate-glass window.

Not my child, this nice young man is indicative of the modern boy. Boys are great, huh?

Sorry in advance Jimmy Jr. if you are reading this in 2029, and please disregard. We are thrilled you are here and a boy (or however you wish to identify).


That’s the number of days I plan on waiting after this kid is born until I vasectomize myself. We (and I include the planet in the proverbial “we”) cannot afford another kid, but that’s not really the reason. We are living in America after all, so why would ever plan on living within our means. That’s what the good people at the credit card companies are for after all. The real reason is I think a family of 5 is great and there is no need to push my luck any further.


I'm desperately seeking advice and validation. Comment Please!

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