About James Taylor, Worlds Best Daddy

To some, calling your fledgling blog Worlds Best Daddy might seem a bit brash — and to those people that say it is, I retort, BRASH ™ is something that I created to take care of my own diaper rash combining brie cheese and duct tape when I was just 11 years old. That type of ingenuity and natural predilection to parenting makes the title of this blog both well deserved and completely appropriate.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks even more for leaving a comment! I seriously could use some help here…

2 thoughts on “About James Taylor, Worlds Best Daddy

  1. This is all very brash. I know this. I am the world’s second best daddy. I developed later. Once my son had an ice cream cone. The cone broke. He started to cry. I used duct tape to fix the cone. He stopped crying. The sun shined and the birds made nests in the trees.

    • In actuality Goob, you are the inspiration that allows WBD to be WBD – seriously, great, now I’m getting all teared up. You’re the best dad in the world and everyone that sees you do it, know it. Thanks for this really shitty poetry too!

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