I started this blog because I noticed everyone on my original blog was most interested in the posts I wrote about being a daddy, the worlds best daddy (DOT O-R-G). I still write non-daddying related stuff, mostly observations and whatnot, for my other blog, Seattle KUNG-FOOLERY. Ultimately, I hope KFC (, can be a safe place for non-experts to share their expertise, but it isn’t there yet.

Here is all the daddy-related and you can find a link to individual articles in reverse chronological order below:

8/25/12: Sense of Direction Helps

8/14/12: To or Not To Delay a Child’s Milestones: Moving to a Crib?

8/9/12: Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle: Prix Fixe Edition

8/2/12: To or Not To Delay a Child’s Milestones: Potty Training 

4/17/12: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ruining My Child’s Childhood

12/12/11: AT – the Mayor of Everywhere

10/28/11: Overprotective Dad Syndrome?

9/22/11: In Honor of 20 Years of Grunge – Her New Look!

8/24/11: Mas Consumerism

2/23/11: Key-ingredient to Being an Amazing Parent

1/5/11: Moved out of house, (into horrible month to month rental, so I could move back in as soon as possible… which never happened). Confusion as to why this was happening (happened) lingers to this day, but things have come to light that better explain it. This episode explains the gap in posts until August, I just didn’t have it in me.

12/19/10: Celebrity Babies are just like our Baby (Dave Mathews Kid Gets Haircut at Same Place)

9/9/10: Ultimate Prop: A Baby!

8/6/10: Summer of Family Never Ends…

7/22/10: Best Part of Waking Up

7/12/10: Career Choices for an Infant – Decide Now!

6/7/10: Summer of Love + Free Hugs = Eww

6/4/10: Goob Taylor: Being a Parent Abroad

6/3/10: I Eat More Lasagna & Sleep More than Garfield

5/30/10: Poop Watch – Squeel Watch

5/26/10: Baby Watch – Poop Watch

5/20/10:  A.T. BORN

5/19/10: Baby Watch, Day 5,6,7

5/16/10: Baby Watch, Day 3,4

5/14/10: Baby Watch, Day 2: Storks in Time

5/13/10: Baby Watch, Day 1

I'm desperately seeking advice and validation. Comment Please!

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