Recognizing (and monetizing) talent

I don’t think I’m biased when I say that I have spawned one of the most prolific performers (per capita) in the history of entertainment. Not Whitney Houston circa Bodyguard, nor Krea$hawn circa Gucci, Gucci could match her range and tenacity. My problem really is, I haven’t found a suitable way to make any money from this. (Story of my life, some might say).

So, the pageant circuit seems grueling and really what are we hoping to win there, prestige? Free teeth whitening for life, maybe.

Waiting at casting calls hoping that she could become the next this: (she could, not good):

Recently we went to a friend of mine’s birthday and she did an impromptu rendition of “She’s Always A Woman To Me”, by Billy Joel. But, how did she get the microphone there? Obviously I brought it, hoping that the birthday boy might have a friend that’s a big shot Hollywood talent scout.

She sang her guts out, or she did if she wanted any dinner.

She sang her guts out, or she did if she wanted any dinner.

Alas, not a single talent scout or relative of talent scout in attendance, I asked everyone. This is harder than it seems without moving down to Los Angeles.

We are willing to start small. If anyone is interested in booking a cute kid for their party, visiting relatives, or odd jobs, just let me know and I’ll get you a real good rate. Her small hands are able to reach behind refrigerators, or really any large appliance and she is capable of babysitting younger kids (preferrably <2 as that seems akward when they are so close in age).



3 thoughts on “Recognizing (and monetizing) talent

  1. Yeah, it looks like she had a captive audience in the photo you posted. And who taught her Billy Joel? Doesn’t she know any Justin Bieber?

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